Healing Moments

The road to awakening can be long and winding, seemingly sending us round in circles. However, many are sensing the urgency to move forward on their path and we have been given many short-cuts to facilitate the urgency that, until more recently, have been unavailable to us.
Natural preventative health care, physical fitness, emotional and mental balance and deep Healing all have their place to help restore our strengths and propel us forward with new vigour and enthusiasm.
We can start by making time to listen and observe, enabling us to learn something new about ourselves every day. Thoughts often take precedence and fill the mind with “rubbish” rattling round and round and going nowhere.
Listening in the stillness of the mind allows a sense of peace.  You - have always been there - hidden behind the veils of time.  Take the time to listen to the “still small voice within” that is waiting for you and there to guide you. 
I salute the Divinity Within you
Hay-fever – An unsuspected cause! 

Many times we think that we know what is causing the problem and so often there is a deeper, hidden cause that never would have come to mind. Sheila had suffered with hay-fever for many years but since following a plant-based diet she had no trace of symptoms. This continued for 5 years - totally free. Then suddenly the symptoms returned, runny nose and eyes, and a little short of breath. The symptoms were no where near as dramatic as previously but she was concerned as to why they had suddenly, after 5 years, returned…… After much questioning it was revealed that the only difference she could think of was that this year she had begun eating cheese made from coconut oil. We then moved on to allergy testing and sure enough the vegan cheese showed an energy imbalance. Although having the same name, similar colour and taste that was where the similarities ended. The brain was reacting to the word and the similarities mentioned above, even though no…

Supporting the Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa

The Vervet Monkey Foundation rescues and rehabilitates orphaned, ex-pet and ex-laboratory monkeys and helps rehabilitate those that are injured by cars or pellet guns. The VMF is located in Tzaneen in the beautiful Limpopo Province and is a non-profit organization funded by volunteers and donations. The VMF is home to 550 Vervet Monkeys plus some other animals that had nowhere to go. Some of the troops are ready for release and a project has been undertaken to raise funds to buy suitable land as a release site.  This will be known as “The Vervet Forest” which will become home for not only Vervets but wildlife in general.  Visit the page below to learn more.
On Saturday, whilst in London I visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to watch volunteers and friends of the VMF run 10km to help raise funds for the “Vervet Forest”. Josie Du Toit, the Co-Director and Rehabilitator came over from South Africa to run and they raised more than their target of £1,000…